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AutoGas / Diesel-Propane Injection

AutoGas / Diesel – Propane Injection


IPS offers several options to convert your vehicle or fleet to LP gas.  Typical systems can be dedicated LP or Bi-fuel depending on your vehicle and what systems are available.  Different tank configurations and mounting options are available depending on your needs.

IMPCO – Sequent Plug & Drive – Vapor Injection


  • EPA Certified
  • Bi-fuel
  • No specialized tank needed
  • Starts on gasoline in all weather conditions
  • Pre-programmed – plug & drive
  • Limited wire tie in connections
  • No adjustments needed

Prins Alternative Fuel Systems – Vapor Sequential Injection – LPG


  • Universal System
  • Bi-fuel
  • Starts on Gasoline
  • Switches automatically over to LP
  • No specialized tank needed
  • VSI ECM monitoring & controlling


ICOM North America – JTGII Liquid Injection


  • EPA Certified
  • Equal power, torque & drivability of gasoline
  • Dramatically reduces emissions
  • Variety of tank choices with pump in the tank
  • Plug & play installation – no need to alter OEM ECU


Red Rooster Diesel Economizer


  • For all turbo charged diesels
  • Injects a small amount of propane into your airstream
  • Micro-processer controlled
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Reduces exhaust particulates
  • More horsepower, less smoke
  • Use your own propane for fuel


Icom Dual Fuel Propane – Diesel JTG – Dynamic

Dual Fuel Propane-Diesal JTG-Dynamic

  • Liquid injection into the manifold
  • Displaces approximately 50% of diesel fuel consumption
  • Emissions dramatically reduced
  • EPA approved for some models
  • Variety of tanks available with internal pump