Plant Service

A Family of Solutions for the Propane Industry.

Plant Service

  • Design, Construction & Service
  • 24 hour Emergency Service
  • Trained & Certified Personnel
  • Turn-key installations
  • On-site Training & Safety Inspections
  • Underground tank installations
Rigging and Transportation
  • Capable of transporting tanks up to 90,000 gallons

Pumping Stations

  • Available in 4x4x4 or 4x4x6
  • Diamond Plate Aluminum or White Painted Steel
  • Custom built to your specifications
  • Blackmer® Pump, RegO® Valves, Neptune Meter, Parker Hoses
  • 1” Blackmer® Pump
  • 1 ½ HP Marathon Motor
  • 1” Neptune Meter with 600 Register Head
  • 1000# Single Beam Scale
  • Cylinder Fill Line
  • 18’ Motor Fuel Line
  • RegO® Valves & Fittings
  • Pump Inlet Components
  • Meter Vapor Return Components
  • On-Site Meter Calibration & Scale Certification Available
  • Custom built to your specifications!

Propane AutoGas Dispensing Systems

Featuring Atlas® / Gasboy® Fleet & Retail Dispenser
Dispenser Options

Commercial Single

  • Displays gallons only

Retail Single

  • Displays total sale, price per gallon, total gallons


  • Can be mounted to the commercial single
  • Provides card reader, key pad for PIN #’s, tag readers & receipt printer

Islander Plus

  • All of the features of the TopKAT PLUS along with multi-dispenser control and credit card reader
  • All dispensers include stainless steel panels, break away protection, retractable hose hanger and fuel management capabilities

Additional Features:

  • Heavy-duty split skid or full skid assembled units
  • Quality Steel 1000 gallon AutoGas Dispenser Tank
  • High Pressure Blackmer®pump / bypass package
  • Liquid Controls MA-4 meter with pulsar
  • Complete tank trim & piping package
  • Painted & assembled units

Automatic Methanol Injector

Features as shown:

  • Hydra-cell methanol pump with a 1 HP explosion-proof motor capable of up to 3 gallons per minute.
  • (1) GPI G2 Digital flow meter powered with lithium batteries for service up to 9,000 hours.
  • (1) Hydra-Cell C46 pressure regulating valve.
  • Aluminum base
  • Explosion-proof start/stop switch and required electrical to the motor.
  • 6’ Pump inlet and bypass hoses.
  • 10’ Pump outlet hose.
  • Liquid-filled pressure gauges.
  • Unit is assembled as shown.

Notes: Inlet and outlet connections may vary depending upon installation. Customer is responsible for meeting all codes and requirements for installation.


  • The pump can be connected to a 55 gallon drum of methanol that is in a horizontal position.
  • The pump outlet can connect to either the liquid or vapor piping in the system.
  • The meter automatically turns on when flow starts.
  • Simply turn on the pump; inject the desired amount of methanol; and turn the pump off.

Portable Gas Powered Pump

Perfect for transferring liquid from domestic tanks to a bobtail.
  • Blackmer 1” Pump
  • Honda Engine (gasoline or propane) with Spark Arrester
  • Aluminum Base and Hose Hanger
  • Includes a RegO Sight Flow Back Check for monitoring flow.
  • Includes LC and Neptune flange adaptors for pumping liquid from a bobtail to a storage tank

Complete Component Systems

Bulk plant pump & piping system. Perfect for satellite facilities and larger projects. Package is assembled and ready to ship to your location!

Designed to keep your “on-site” installation costs down!

  • Breakaway risers
  • Bobtail load/ transport unload bulkhead with pull-away protection
  • Steel skid mounted unit with lifting lugs
  • Welded & threaded piping
  • Tank trim package featuring RegO® internal valves with pneumatic operators
  • Blackmer® pump & bypass
  • Features a Hydra-Cell methanol pump with a GPI flow meter
  • Mounts to concrete slab or Sono-tube anchor mounts

Cylinder Evacuation Systems

Recover all LPG product from 20# cylinders and forklift cylinders to domestic tanks and bobtails. Evacuation table capacity: (7) 33# Forklift cylinders.

  • 320 gallon Quality Steel recover tank
  • Blackmer® compressor
  • Cylinder evacuation purge and vent piping
  • 20# cylinder inverter
  • 100# cylinder inverter
  • Monitor pressure gauges for recovery tank & cylinders
  • RegO® sight flow back check to monitor liquid or vapor flow
  • Explosion-proof electrical


  • Specific training for your facility
  • Safety
  • General plant maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Plant evaluations – recommendations on making your facility more productive and efficient
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Exceeding Your Expectations

Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing quality equipment with exceptional service while maintaining current safety and technical requirements.